Monkhams Lane

EASTWEST Architecture were approached by their Client to remodel, refurbish and extend their home to add A contemporary addition to the property front and rear. We made a cleaner modern interpretation to the front with references to Mondrian for the … read more »


The location of this project sits in-between the British Arts and Crafts movement, and, the International Modernist movement with series of neighbouring listed buildings. The concept is to bring the garden to and inside the house. All the rooms have … read more »

Lantern House

EASTWEST Architecture were invited to participate in a competition in Tokyo. Lantern House is two houses-in-one building occupied by a young couple and her retired parents. We divided the house unconventionally by using a diagonal circulation rather than a vertical … read more »


SPLINE is an articulation of a rule-based functional yet sculptural system that can be remodeled for different uses and site conditions. In its present form and situation outside the EASTWEST office it manifest itself as an extension of the existing … read more »

Ridley Road Market

Situated on a prominent corner of Ridley Road Market the building focuses on the new urban square. A staggered layering of set-back units offers privacy whilst visually connecting to the square below. Retail units proposed on the ground floor are to activate the interface between the square and the building. read more »

Box Extension

The focus for this intimate extension is the interior spaces and materials, the external form a BOX that wraps the existing extension of the late-Victorian property. We seduced light into the middle room through the roof and super white materials – with a contradicting black bookcase. read more »

Sovereign Mews

Sovereign Mews is the home of a young couple who desire a ‘boutique style hotel’ look for their adapting lifestyles. In addition to the look and feel of the project we created a more organised living and sleeping space within … read more »

C-Shape extension

Set in a tight lower ground level garden flat of a Victorian terrace, the ‘C’ shaped proposal adapts to change in lifestyle and accommodates family growth. The ‘C’ shape contains a sunken master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, and a … read more »

Split house

We have now received Planning Approval to build Split House. Split House works with the existing brick bungalow to add an additional storey. The existing family want to continue co-inhabiting within the same property but gain privacy. The design of … read more »

Neals Yard Penthouse

This project was taken on post planning approval, bringing further challenges and constraints to the project. Reconfiguring the previous proposal we unified the apartment through a single concept without having to reapplying for planning permission. This was achieved by removing internal partitions and working with existing angles of the mansard roof, the penthouse now offers a long continuous double-aspect space for the user. read more »

UP_Urban Parallax

Urban Parallax Dream is a complex spatial response to the new urban quarter of Lend. It creates a flexible-density within the site. It’s a new coherent grain that absorbs and offers a complex and diverse urban lifestyle. It shows respect for and integrates; the existing Helmut-List-Halle, restaurant and housing; and works with the proposed energy towers on levels that go beyond spatial integration. read more »

New York Pavillion

The project aims to define a strong identity amongst the art gallery district’s hub and the highline project in Manhattan. The existing gallery’s façades define the street by interfacing directly onto it. The Pavilion entrance proposes a smoother transition by skewing its interface into the site, continuing the street into the project. read more »

Lexington Street

Commissioned to refit an existing 1960’s office to residential we worked within the existing structure to turn the seven storey building into six apartments with retail on the ground and basement levels. he existing façade had no distinctive character, yet is located amongst the most eclectic façades within Westminster’s Conservation Area. Adjacent to the proposal is a postmodern 10-story office block by Terry Farrell and an original Georgian terrace. read more »

Marshall Street

No1 & 2 Marshall Street is the amalgamation of two separate existing building into one. Working within the existing structure, the two units were joined by creating a single entrance between the buildings and opening up the party walls for the residential units. The retail units maintained their independence as separate spaces. read more »

Annette Road

A 22m x 10m L-shaped site with an extremely narrow width of just 5m bought unusual challenges to this project. Unlike its Victorian terraced neighbors, this site offered nothing in the way of setting-back from the front, rear or side elevations. Therefore designed to occupy the whole site, and being considerate in mass to its surrounding the design steps towards the corner of a supermarket car park. read more »


Beijing’s urban spatial coding has lead to vast quantities of the city within its central zones to become isolated, created by top down building design and urban planning. Entire streets of mass concrete structures eliminate options at ground level for pedestrians to manoeuvre freely; instead they are limited by a grid system from a residue of Mao spatial organisation. read more »

Neat Extension

We took a simple standard extension, split it into two interlocking volumes one small & one large. This gave definition to the internal spaces and an interesting variation to what would have been generic.
read more »

Channing School

How can we give form to the highly demanding programmatic needs of the schools changing demographics and work with the existing undulating and dramatic landscape of the schools grounds?
Maximising the sites landscape the design follows its contours above and below ground level. We split the arts center and new equipped dining hall onto either side of the site, with stunning views over East London in between them. read more »

EASTWEST Architecture is a design, construction and architecture practice based in Haggerston E8. They have an office of international architects working within the context of London. This residential architect practice offers extensive knowledge and experience in creative design, buildings and their construction, and architecture and what it can do to enhance the daily lives of people that use and inhabit space.

They are passionate about every single project they execute and at all times act in the interest of their clients to ensure that the right final product is delivered. The final product is a result of a developed idea built-up between the client and the architect. EASTWEST begin the design and brief development from the initial client meeting and work them simultaneously so that their clients can see the design evolve from the second client-architect meeting.

Our experience as London architects has seen a vast change during the last decade in how people's lifestyles have asked for more intelligent answers to live/work homes, an expanding families, sociable people wanting to create an extra guest room, or simply because they love their existing home so much that they want to make it big. So rather than just moving home to accommodate their changing needs -they have utilised their well-loved family homes and adapted them.